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I made my own mail notification system

This thread is open.

Posted by goonzo 2020-01-13 13:10:13 GMT

Hi. Annoyed by the broken email notification system I decided to do my own - and learn som python as a bonus. I use a simple web page grabber, logging in by sending the credentials, parse the page with my active games and finally send an email to my address if itäs my turn in any of the games. Some minimal logic is also added so that it doesnt send multiple nofifications för the same game. I then installed a python environment on my linux server and scheduled the script to be run a few times every day(via crontab), but this would be easily done on a Windows computer as well. I had to also create a new gmail account to send the notifications from.

I spent maybe two hours to get it working,so I thought that maybe someone else would be intereseted in doing the same? In case someone is interested, reply here and I can paste the code/instructions here.

/happy gaming!

PS: Now that I think of it, my next project could be an android app that does the same thing but without the email part - a simple notification on the phone is more convinient with an app.

Posted by poiesis 2020-01-17 11:59:30 GMT

That's an excellent idea.... going to android and phone notifications. Better than email!

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