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Posted by Mol 2017-02-19 13:38:01 GMT

It ia nuissance some new players are quitting games all the time, whien IMO when started you should always finish. I do not like to create a black list, but right now I always start the game myself so I can kick them out in front. Well I do not have a solution, but I l just like to share my frustration.

Posted by Rickior 2017-02-22 20:09:24 GMT

I didn't have this problem or rarely. But recently, I have problems with players who don't respect Time limit A. I was n't used to this. And I left, because I don't want to play with this kind of players.

I understand, it can happends sometimes, but not everyday, and as soon as we start. And I begin to be very angry with this problem.

You speak about black list? Is there such an option?

Posted by Mol 2017-03-08 21:05:42 GMT

You can make your own black list under Personal Statement. But I do not like public shaming.

Posted by PaleHorse 2018-09-03 01:57:30 GMT

Public shame to the max. I'm all for people knowing when there is someone signed on to their game that is a proven quitter so they can take action to avoid. A blacklist would be most welcome.

Posted by bunnicula 2019-11-04 10:41:18 GMT

I take it this site isn't very active with new players not wanting to play competitively? Not a good first impression; a new player creates a friendly game that I join but they don't make any moves and the game is aborted. I guess it's people trying to check the site out, UI and other options but change their mind? You can watch a game though so why start one?

Posted by Gandalf1 2019-12-22 14:58:28 GMT

This may be to do with the site having issues with log ons

Posted by spacebase1 2020-08-02 13:58:36 GMT

For rating purposes, quitting is scored the same as finishing last. Thus, there is no advantage to quitting a losing, competitive game.

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