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Undo button

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Posted by Zenvedev 2015-08-14 17:22:44 GMT

Is there any possibility of an undo button? :)

The need for an undo arises often enough in my group on here that we wish we had one. i.e., after you make the first of your two moves in a turn, you can hit undo to go back to the start of your turn. Examples of why you would need this are most commonly building the wrong type of industry in a city (cotton instead of coal) or building a canal when you are mistakenly not connected to coal to build something.

Obviously the "Submit" that occurs after your second action on each turn couldn't be undone.

Posted by shreyank 2016-07-11 14:30:09 GMT

Yes, an undo would be appreciated. I just accidentally developed cotton when I meant to develop something else.

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