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Question about developing & rail links

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Posted by whovian223 2015-02-27 17:24:30 GMT

I'm in the middle of my first game, and I've had a couple of turns where I've lost a move for a reason I can't figure out.

First, I went to develop away a tile from my stacks. The rules say you can do one or two for one action.

Yet when I did it, the system said that my turn was over when I said "Stop Developing." (I didn't want to develop a second tile)

Then, later in the game, you have the option of building two rail links. I only wanted to build one.

When I chose "stop building" to indicate I didn't want a second rail link, it ended my turn.

I know I'm just missing something, but I'm not sure what it is.

Help, please?


Posted by Hammerite This user is an administrator. 2015-03-01 12:42:16 GMT


If you click on the link "Log of game events" on the game page, you can see a description of the players' actions throughout the game. In some cases this can help explain things that surprised you or that you don't understand.

In the game you're playing, you developed on your first turn. You only get one action on your first turn, so when you chose not to develop again, your turn was over. Later in the Canal Phase, on round 8, you developed one tile but then didn't have enough money to develop a second tile (because you couldn't afford to buy iron from the demand track); the system automatically ends your action when this happens, and since it was your second action, that ends your turn.

In round 3 of the rail phase, you spent two actions to develop three tiles. I assume it wasn't a surprise when your turn ended here. In round 2, you spent two actions building one rail link each time. You get two actions per turn; you can choose to build up to two rail links in each action. If you build two, it costs you more money, but you make more efficient use of your actions. If you choose to "stop building" it means you don't want to make use of this option.

I apologise for the crude interfact, but I hope you can get past it and enjoy the game.

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