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Escape from the losing game

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Posted by Bogdan_J 2015-01-03 10:29:01 GMT

In game #46837: Rail period, 10/10. peterparker (Red) has only ?2 and no unflipped Cotton Mils. "pass" is the only possible action. Score: 166VPN

ext move will be mine: I can build rail links Score: 159 + 12VP = 171VP and I take 2nd place I can build Iron Works and Coal Mine and I take 2nd placeB

ut from 2014-12-29 to 2015-01-03 peterparker did not this last move and was kicked by the system.D

uring this time (2015-01-02 06:59:31 GMT) peterparker in game #46944 build canal link and take loanF

or me it was an escape from the losing game and I never again will not let him to my game.W

hat does Administrator with such players?

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