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User Lookup Function

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Posted by motleymongoose 2014-10-24 12:12:32 GMT

How can I search for a specific user on the site?

Posted by Hammerite This user is an administrator. 2014-10-29 23:18:59 GMT

There isn't functionality to allow you to do that I'm afraid. If the person you want to search for is on Board Game Geek and you know their details, you could look them up there. Can I ask who you want to search for and for what?

Posted by motleymongoose 2015-05-22 20:09:02 GMT

I guess what I am looking for is a way to send an email to someone without having to use a link to their profile page. I would like to be able to ask someone what happened that they were not able to make their move in time. If they are kicked from the game, there is no longer a link to their profile. As such, there is no other way to contact them. The history shows their login name but no link.

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