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General Brass Discussion

New 3-player Brass map: how many actions per age?

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Posted by dr.mrow 2014-05-13 07:34:00 GMT

I've been cooking up a 3-player Yorkshire Brass map, and have initially set it up to give each player 8 turns per age (15 actions in canal, 16 in rail). However, I could add a couple more cities and allow 9 turns per age, putting it halfway between 3p and 4p on the Lancashire map.

My thinking here is that with 8 turns/age, you need to specialize, and quickly. With 10 turns per age, you need to diversify or build more lower level buildings, lest you run out of tiles in your specialty. So, is nine turns per age interesting, or would you rather have a 3p map that played as close to 4p Lancashire as possible?

I'm happy to share my map design for feedback. PM me at dr.mrow(at)gmail

Credit where it's due: Lee Anbolt (LDSDBomber) is also working on a 3p Yorkshire Map, and gave me the idea in a post on BGG several years ago. I may collaborate with him on it when his family life slows down.

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