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System kicked me out of game #40393

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Posted by svearike This user is a supporter of the site. 2013-11-24 10:57:30 GMT


I find this morning (24th Nov) that the system kicked me out of the game, and I think I was the victim of unlucky timing. I was online yesterday morning (23rd Nov) up to about 9am GMT, and logged off in order to set off (at 10am) for a games day at a friends place. I logon this morning and find that two sets of orders were submitted after I logged off yesterday, the last at about a few minutes before 10am. The system kicked me off earlier this morning at just before 5am.

I am ready to submit orders, but the system doesn't allow me. I feel I am the victim of unlucky timing, and feel that I have been unjustly treated through no fault of my own. Is there any way of quickly rectifying this?


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