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Turn notification emails sporadically fail to arrive

This thread is open.

Posted by Bass This user is a supporter of the site. 2013-08-30 20:35:40 GMT

After triple checking my spam folder and seeing that at least some of the emails sent by the automated system actually _do_ make it to my mailbox, I think there might be a problem with the email system on this site.

It is now my turn in game 38557, and has been for a couple of hours. The previous move was made Aug-30 18:38 (GMT) and the latest email I have received from the automated system is dated 3.5 hours earlier than that, "Fri, 30 Aug 2013 17:59:04 +0300 (EEST)", which corresponds to an earlier turn of mine.

A notification from game 38558 has also failed to arrive, as have some earlier emails on the day before yeasterday.

I have successfully received other email after the latest messages should have arrived.

Could you please check if there is anything obviously wrong with the email system? Also, is anyone else experiencing this?



Posted by Dvd Avins 2016-03-01 04:18:52 GMT

I'm not getting any of them.

Posted by waxeater 2016-03-04 02:11:35 GMT

I've stopped receiving them too.

Posted by Dvd Avins 2016-03-04 11:55:31 GMT

And in another thread, people aren't setting their account notification emails, which is more serious. It seems outgoing email isn't working at all and I know now way to contact Phillip through this application. Also, the Friday that mainentenace was going to be off until was seven days ago.

Phillip does have a LinkedIn account, but maybe it's best to wait a few more days (until Monday afternoon Sheffield time?) before attempting to bother him that way.

Posted by triscuit 2016-03-26 02:52:36 GMT

Any luck on getting this fixed? Still not getting any emails...

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