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Deleting old User?

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Posted by raaz42 2013-02-21 19:12:15 GMT

Hi The first time i registerd suddenly didn't have time to go all the way. I clicked the confirmation mail but never logged in. After that i was not able to log in because i forgot to remember my username. The confirmation mail does not tell. Knowing my mail does not help me because the retrieval is based on the username.

I created a new account, no worries there but i had to register under another email adress. I tried to chaange the mail now but got "This mail is used by another user" as a message. Somwhere it also said that unregistered accounts will be deleted after 2 weeks. My old account is several month old but seems to be caught upp in some sort of limbo. I tried to mail someone responsible (webmaster) before creating a new account and posting my problem here.

Is ther a solution? :-)


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