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Getting game finished email before game has finished

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Posted by renegade 2012-12-21 20:05:04 GMT

Before game 33585 finished, I am receiving multiple email notices that the game has finished. The same thing happened with game 33423. I don't know if this is related but in both games the error occurred before the last player completed his turn and the last player was required to pass at least one of his turns due to lack of money.

Posted by metawidget 2013-01-09 18:48:41 GMT

I'm getting multiple notices for "Game number 33777 has finished", with different timestamps for rail phase scoring but identical scoring. The game is also in at least my and ges' "Your Games" list. It is not yet in the Liso of Games That Have Finished.

Posted by mogust 2013-01-12 07:05:47 GMT

I'm getting the same issue, but I can also see the cause from my end - I'm the last player in my game (34106), and when I try to take my last action I get an error message that says that it failed to write to the database. But, that last action still seems to have worked as it triggers the end of the game and the sending out of the game finished email. The game is still open tho, and when I try to do my final action again the same thing happens. And so on. For the previous game I was in I think I received about 12 or so emails before the game finally appeared on the finished games list.

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