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General Brass Discussion

6 x Cotton Mills in Canal

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Posted by A J Dickie 2012-11-10 16:40:55 GMT

I'm convinced that it is possible to flip 3 x L3 + 3 x L4 Cotton Mills in the canal phase. It would obviously take a very specific set of game conditions, of course.

Once I have had the cash and the card I needed, but not the port or DM required to flip the 6th mill.

And once I have had the port and the card, but not the cash.

So I've come close.

My question is, has anyone either seen or personally done this before?

If successful, I note, you would start rail with 126 points, which would be tremendous. The list of top-scoring games is filled pretty much exclusively with successful port-strategy games. I think this might be the one way for a cotton-strategy player to crack the Top 20.

I'm going to continue to try for it.

Posted by Redessa 2014-12-13 22:09:34 GMT

It's hard enough to do 5. It's not a successful port strategy that gets high scores its 3 other players mindlessly playing cotton gifting the game and offering no competition. the game is supply and demand. Go figure.

Posted by Redessa 2014-12-13 22:21:15 GMT

Thought about this some more. 2 of the other players would need to gift this to you and you would need lucky cards. assume 2 sells and 5 loans which gives ?180. Mills cost 102 leaving 78. Assume 18 interest on loans (2 turns old then sell) leaves 60 for resources. The initial develop will cost at least 22 unless no one else develops or ppl build coal and iron on same town in turn 1. So 38 for 6 coal and 6 iron or ?6 per mill. Not impossible but very unlikely unless everyone else is just building coal and iron everywhere. Like i say gifting the game. then you need the cards or helpful canal builders. so not impossible but highly unlikely.

Posted by dr.mrow 2014-12-16 18:14:11 GMT

I worked it out as a solitaire puzzle once, and I believe I got all L3 & L4 mills and four irons down in the canal age of a 4p game. Of course, it requires the other players to build all the canals, ports,and coals, and consume your iron so you make enough money to reduce the number of loans.

I'm impressed that non-cooperative players let you get that close to flipping all six. It think I've done five once myself, but ended the canal era with zero cash.

Posted by Redessa 2014-12-21 19:53:28 GMT

5 is very possible but hard against experienced players. needs 2 people playing ports or no one else doing cotton ideally plus freakishly lucky cards

Posted by Shibumi 2017-11-05 07:19:45 GMT

Just did 5 (2nd time ever), and had the card and money for 6th if burnly/colne canal had been built. So is possible for sure. Game was against 2 top 10 ranked and a top 30 ranked player, in tournament play. BRS S2 2-A G5 :)

Posted by Daniel Davis 2017-11-27 00:24:19 GMT

I saw a player get 5 down in canal and he had over 100 victory points going into rail. Seems like having 4 down in Canal gives you very strong winning chances but only 3 down or less and your playing for second or third place.

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