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Scoring Glitch?

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Posted by LAMBOLT 2012-08-19 22:34:04 GMT

Game 30785

I *could* be going mad but I thought going into the last round I had 133 points, but I ended up with only 169, when I'd calculated 2 x shipyard (36) plus 3 extra link points plus 3 cash points (?34) for a total of 175, which in this case would have given my first ever win (sob), but really; I was just checking if I'd missed something, or did something wrong

Posted by LAMBOLT 2012-08-20 00:47:20 GMT

seems like it could be that the calculated points (133) including projected cash earnings from the money then used to build the two shipyards, so I think that would explain it, since it would amount to the 6 points directly.

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