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General Brass Discussion

Rules question: industry cards

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Posted by magnateKit 2012-07-07 21:49:39 GMT

In a game that just finished, I built the rail link from Burnley to Colne. My opponent already had a cotton mill in Colne from the canal phase. The link from Colne to Yorkshire was not built yet. I had the only remaining Colne card in the game so did not rush to build a Cotton Mill. My opponent built a cotton mill with a Cotton Mill card, which I didn't think was possible. Was he able to do this because he already had a cotton mill in Colne? Am I correct that no other player except the two of us could have built there with a cotton mill card?

Posted by Mol 2012-07-07 22:38:09 GMT

You are right, you can build in a city you already occupy with another card.

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