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Noob Question

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Posted by Certain Death 2012-04-26 17:27:45 GMT

Sorry if this have been asked before. As a regular player of the 'real thing' I am keen to play against others on this site.

What is the function of the 'swap cards' and 'sort cards' buttons in what I would describe as my coloured 'action (or turn) box'? I don't want to click any of these if they're irreversible.

Posted by JMW 2012-04-26 18:38:51 GMT

Its nothing too significant (but is nice to have) and completely reversable

Swap cards just changes the order the cards appear in the pick list when you do your turn. Otherwise the cards you draw just go to the end of the list.

Sort cards puts them into a predetermined logical order, but not sure what it is as I don't use it.

Posted by Certain Death 2012-04-27 12:25:13 GMT

Thanks JMW

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