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Bug(?) in game Otters build bridges

This thread is closed.

Posted by BillD 2012-02-07 14:58:56 GMT

Hey Folks, I'm having trouble with my move in this game. I'm Red. I select a cotton mill card and build industry. Then I pick Bolton 2 as the place to build, set both source of materials to the demand track and I get this message:

The system found the following problems with your move:

You have already built an industry tile in that location.

Click here to return to the game.

Any thoughts on why this is happening or what I can do about it? Obviously Bolton doesn't have anything built in it as it is available to choose from the location list and the map shows it empty.

Thanks for any help.

Posted by BillD 2012-02-07 18:18:18 GMT

Never mind. Figured it out.

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