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overbuilding rules

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Posted by djihz 2012-01-16 23:30:41 GMT

Hi there,

I am currently playing my first brass game here (though I often play on a real board on a real table), and enjoy it a lot : thank you for making it available online.

I am a bit confused right now : I tried to overbuild an opponent's iron works and was told that the conditions for overbuilding were not met. There was indeed iron left on the demand track, but none in lancashire. To my knowledge, the conditions are met and the move should have been allowed.

I then grabbed my rulebook and checked : the english rules were a little too ambiguous to my taste, so I tried in french (my native language). It says without a doubt that you can overbuild an opponent's coal mine or iron works if there are no more cubes either in lancashire OR on the demand track (NOT both).

Did I miss something ? If yes, could someone point it out ? (that may include the lonesome iron cube in the corner of the board that I failed to see...)



Posted by djihz 2012-01-19 18:19:13 GMT

Ok nevermind, found a post about this by M. Wallace on boardgamegeek : the french translation is incorrect.

the correct rule (like played here) is : both lancashire and the demand track must be free of the corresponding cubes to overbuild an opponent's industry.

Link to the post :


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