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Undo possibility

This thread is open.

Posted by korfu 2011-11-14 08:47:37 GMT

Is it possible to undo the move of my first card?

In game ID:23800 I was playing using the phone and at the moment of develop it seems I made something wrong and my option was swapped without intention from Shipyard to Iron?

Is that possible?

Posted by AJM 2011-11-30 19:53:31 GMT

No, but many people would appreciate the ability to undo, especially those who play from their phones and have a more cramped UI.

Posted by AJM 2011-12-12 07:58:28 GMT

I was trying to develop away two shipyards, and accidentally developed away my level 4 iron works instead of the second shipyard. Ruined my whole game with 1 slip of the mouse. If an undo is impossible to implement, a user option to confirm submitted moves would be VERY useful.

Posted by rice 2012-01-12 16:28:25 GMT

Definitely support this! Had same problem at least 3 times using a phone as well, which helps move games along when I am away from the computer.

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