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Ratings and private games

This thread is open.

Posted by Redessa 2011-08-11 22:00:01 GMT

Can we do something to differentiate ratings in private and open games please? IMHO private games should not count towards ratings since you can select your opposition and can consistently play people who are not highly rated themselves and consequently achieve a high rating. Private games allow players to select their opponents, while open games will allow the most highly rated players to join in and provide a more challenging opposition. If you are comparing a player to all other players, it should be relative to all players, not just a subset of your own choosing.

I know it is possible to "game" this by setting low limits (though I dont think its possible to set a lower upper limit than your own rating so that would be fine) but in my experience higher rating players tend to play each other, even in low lower limit games, so I don't think that is a big impact.

Posted by Zenvedev 2015-08-16 16:24:14 GMT

The "rating system" here is completely broken anyway, so I wouldn't put much thought into it, if I were you. As it is, it takes no consideration for the strength of your opposition. For that reason, I largely ignore its significance.

Posted by JMW 2015-09-02 21:45:21 GMT

To be fair I don't think the term "completely broken" is entirely fair or accurate.

I completely agree that it isn't always particularly accurate measure of how good a particular player is.

It is what it is, a measure of someone's recent results.

As such it can be quite useful if you want to set the level of an "open" game for other players who tend to play "open" games or if you are a small group of players only playing each other private games and want a measure of how well you are doing in relation to each other.

Posted by Zenvedev 2015-10-01 22:48:36 GMT

It's a free site, so we shouldn't complain. But the usefulness of the rating system is void of almost all practicality. A rating over 6000 tells me someone plays a lot and doesn't often finish last. That's really about all you can rely on it for.

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