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General Brass Discussion

Rules on Selling Cotton

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Posted by Henry 2011-03-11 07:28:06 GMT

Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere already but I have a couple of queries on the rules for selling cotton.

First, I'd always assumed that if you sold cotton to the distant market and demand bottomed out then you could continue selling to an alternative port (if available) on the same turn. My experience with a recent game proved different. Is it correct that an unsuccesful attempt to sell to the distant market terminates your turn?

Second, when selling cotton from multiple mills in the same turn do the mills need to be connected?

Thanks Henry

Posted by randomuser 2011-03-11 19:53:36 GMT

On pg 7 of the rules on this link:

"If the marker hits the bottom space then you do not flip your cotton mill. Your Sell action ends immediately."

It doesn't end your turn, however; so for example, it might come up that you try to sell cotton to the DM on your first action, and fail, ending that action, but then as your second action of your turn you can again sell cotton, this time to another player's unflipped port.

When selling cotton from multiple mills, each mill must be able to trace a route to the port it is selling to (whether that be the DM or a another player). The mills do not need to be connected to each other.

Posted by Henry 2011-03-14 19:33:49 GMT

Thanks for the clarification.

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