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General Brass Discussion

French Map

This thread is open.

Posted by Herb Finkel 2009-09-23 17:42:03 GMT

Seems that there should be a thread for general discussion of the French map.

Interesting to be able to drop two shipyards in the canal phase. This appears to be more a possibility with Saint-Venant now an Iron area.

I also like the move of the shipyard to Rotterdam. Seems more reasonable and useful than the old Essen.

Posted by Hammerite This user is an administrator. 2009-09-23 19:46:59 GMT

It will be fun to see how play changes with the revisions that the authors have made.

The goal of making shipyard spots more contestable seems to have been very effectively reached. The other objective, I understand, was to make port-building slightly less strong. It will be interesting to see whether that has been done too.

Posted by Yacoff 2011-08-11 14:02:53 GMT

Is there an image suitable for printing and using in FtF games of the French map?

I like it quite a bit.

Posted by Redessa 2012-01-01 16:25:23 GMT

I think there is a copy of the image for the french map on BoardGameGeek.

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