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General Brass Discussion

Newbie rule question III

This thread is open.

Posted by serpico 2009-08-13 14:07:43 GMT

What does it take to fill up the coal demand track with coal from a coal mine? Isn't it enough that the coal mine is connected to a port in order for it to supply the demand track?


Posted by drabel 2009-08-13 15:27:34 GMT

There has to be demand -- space on the track.
The mine has to be conneted to a port or external location -- Yorkshire, Scotland...
It will only sell to the demand track the moment it is built -- if it is unconnected to a port when built, it will not sell to the track when conneted later.

Posted by drabel 2009-08-13 15:31:55 GMT

If you haven't already done so, you might head over to and have a look at the Brass page. You can download the rules from there and see answers to many similar questions.

Posted by serpico 2009-08-13 15:49:07 GMT

I might do that

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