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General Brass Discussion

Weirdest game?

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This thread is open.

Posted by jazzdream 2010-06-15 17:59:20 GMT


Take a look at this game.
The weird things:

- All three players have build or discarded Coal Mines up to level 3 or more.
- Every player except one built or discarded their Iron Works up to level 4.
- In spite of this, there is only 2 Iron Works on the board and 4(!) out of 6 available Iron Works spots are free at the end of the game!

What do you think of it?

Posted by SuperPants 2010-07-09 02:13:38 GMT

I wish you were here with me right now so I could slap you like a man. Weird Brass.....

You wouldn't know a weird game of Brass if you had a level Five Iron Works with a Monorail from MacClesfield to Fleetwood, you simpering baby!

It was a night, just like tonight. The moon was full, just like tonight.

I was driving alone, when I saw two hitchhikers by the side of the road. They looked like brother and sister and each was holding a copy of the (should be) popular board game Brass. I decided to stop. The climbed into the back seat, I asked "Where you going" and these two weirdos said "Hey man, it don't mater as long as we have our groove board game, man."

We decided to stop at a hotel and try this crazy game.. Just the three of us...

That was forty-five years ago.

Since then, I've had Brass with foursomes, threesomes, even as solitare.

Brass in the morning. Brass mixed with Puerto Rico. You name it, I've done it. Since then, I've lost my wife. I've eaten my entire family. And I've had sexual relations with a donkey. All to support the Brass jones.

So ya, kid... I've had a weird game or two of Brass. But I don't want to dig up the disgusting things I've done for this game.

Posted by cyberfunk 2011-04-09 22:54:06 GMT

Funny stuff!

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