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System Passing Last Action Prematurely

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Posted by pestaab 2009-03-03 11:41:52 GMT

I am playing in game #820, "Let's Try It" playing as purple. We are on the last round (8 of 8) of the rail phase. It was my turn and for my first action, I built a cotton mill in Macclesfield. Then I was going to sell cotton from the cotton mill I just built in Macclesfield to my port in Liverpool. However, the system just told me that I had nothing to do and passed my last turn. This sale should easily be an allowable move as there are links to both places and they are connected.

I am coming in last place in the game anyway, but there are points for others that may be available. In addition, you may want to make sure this bug doesn't appear again in another game later.



Posted by Hammerite This user is an administrator. 2009-03-03 13:23:47 GMT

Thanks for letting me know about this. I am quite busy with uni work today, but I'll look at it tomorrow and a) correct the outcome of your game b) fix the program to remove this bug. Hopefully it will not affect any other games between now and then. Sorry for the inaccurate game record & the inconvenience in the meantime.

Posted by Hammerite This user is an administrator. 2009-03-05 17:12:47 GMT

This bug has now been fixed. I have also adjusted the outcome of your game. A note has been added at the end of the game ticker to explain the adjustments I made.

Posted by pestaab 2009-03-06 06:41:50 GMT


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