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Monitor players lag

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Posted by helio 2009-02-08 12:16:55 GMT

It would be nice if we had a counter where we could see the total time each player took to play. For example, if the game passes to me and i take 2 hours to make my move, the counter would increase by 2.

So, we could see an overall prespective of who is taking longer to play, and in cases where such lag is overwhelming, you can avoid games with such players in the future, if you wish.

All this because i have the feeling that some players take forever to play, which i dislike, and i would like to have "real numbers" to measure their lag. Basically its a maximum of 4 counters which are incremented every time someone plays.

Posted by Hammerite This user is an administrator. 2009-02-08 16:45:05 GMT

It is an idea. But how is it displayed, and how is it calculated? Does each player have a clock that is ticking whenever it's his turn, and the total time adds up over the course of the game? Or does his average time to make a move get calculated?

Some games will be marked as being "faster" than others. Some players may play mostly in games that are set aside as being laid back and slow. Would they get penalised when people look at their user pages and see that they take longer than a day to make a move?

Do we generate summary statistics, like what is the time taken for each player to take his moves as a proportion of the total time the game was running (like 29%, 10%, 25%, 36% for example)?

The Time Limit A / Time Limit B system does, in the end, give you control over how long players are allowed to take on their moves.

Posted by helio 2009-02-09 00:55:08 GMT

When i finish my turn, the time between that moment and the moment that the last player finished his turn is added to my TOTAL TIME. So if i take 30 mins to finish my turn during 10 turns, the clocks would show 5 hours of "lag time". You could also do an average time of all turns.

The result would be a simple table of 4 rows (player 1,2,3,4) and 2 columns (total time, average time).

Percentages of total game time could also work... The user details could include the average lag time of all games played in percentage. Like, in average, player XYZ takes 45% of the total game time to play.

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