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Brass for 5 players

This thread is open.

Posted by marco4884 2009-02-04 16:16:47 GMT

I'm Italian so my english is not very good. I want to suggest an idea for playing a game in 5 players. I tryed it sometimes and seems to work well.
those are the differences i suggest:

In the Canal Period remove 1 card
In the Rail Period remove 6 cards.

Add 1 coal cube available at 1? and another available at 2?
Add 1 iron cube available at 1? and another available at 2?

Remove the - 4 tile in the Distant Market

Add one Shipyard location in Preston
Add an Iron Works location in Macklesfield and another one in Colne

Before starting both Canal and Rail Periods players develop two tiles at their choise for free, without using cards.

The players play 7 turns during the Canal Period and 6 during the Rail Period.

Then the game proceeds as in the standard game for 3 / 4 players.

Thanks if you will give me some suggestions and comments.

May be we can play also the five players variant on the website as well as the two players ?


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