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You Must Enable JavaScript Error

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Posted by knilob 2009-01-26 21:04:39 GMT

This error is preventing me from making my move in game 322.

"You must enable JavaScript in order to use the move interface.
(If JavaScript is working, it may be that the page has not yet finished loading.)"

I know my JavaScript is working because I made a move with the same machine earlier this morning. I'm using Mac OS X 10.5.6 with Safari 3.2.1. I've also tried it in FireFox 3.0.5 on this same machine.

Posted by JimPAX 2009-01-26 22:30:23 GMT

I am having the same issue in game 350. I took one half of my turn, and now get the same message when trying to take the second half. The other strange message I get is the "Highlight Unflipped Tiles" message has become, "Highlight my unflipped industry tiles (No unflipped tiles are present on the board other than {$UnluckyText}.)"


Posted by JimF 2009-01-26 22:36:52 GMT

I'm getting the dame message.
Logged in again was able to take 3 moves and then got the message again.

Posted by Hammerite This user is an administrator. 2009-01-26 22:44:46 GMT

Sorry. It should hopefully work now.

Posted by JimF 2009-01-26 23:34:31 GMT

thx, working again

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