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How to join a game?

This thread is open.

Posted by AmericanEagle 2009-01-23 22:50:35 GMT

Cannot figure out how to join a game or request to be a replacement player?

Posted by Hammerite This user is an administrator. 2009-01-23 23:43:14 GMT

If you click on the name of a game in the "list of games that are recruiting", you will be taken to the lobby page for that game. If that game has fewer than its maximum number of players, there will be buttons allowing you to join as a particular colour. For example, if nobody is playing as Yellow yet, the row saying who is Yellow will say "Yellow: Nobody [[Join as Yellow]]" where [[]] denotes a button.

If the game is "private" then you will only be able to join it if you know the password.

If the game is recruiting a replacement player then only one person at a time can ask to be a replacement. At the time of writing, there is only one game that is looking for a replacement, and it has found one - it is just waiting for one of the current players to accept the player who has offered to act as a replacement. As such, you cannot ask to be a replacement, although if one of the game's current players responds by refusing the new player, you will be able to. When you are able to offer to be a replacement, the option is displayed somewhere beneath the game board but above the discussion thread.

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