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Can't do double build

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Posted by ges 2009-01-20 15:05:20 GMT

I think this may be a bug.

Game: "testing"
round 8 of rail era.
I'm trying to use my last two cards for a double build.
I've selected:

Card to use: Cotton Mill (though it says ignore this field if you are using both cards)
Type of Move: double action build
Type to build: coal mine
Industry space to build on: Wigan1
Source of coal: demand track

The error I am getting says: "No second card selected"

But there is no place to select a second card and the text in the "card to use" field says that there is no need to select a second card if you are using both cards.

Is this a bug, or am I missing something?


Posted by Hammerite This user is an administrator. 2009-01-20 17:42:23 GMT

It should be fixed now. I'm sorry you were prevented from carrying out your first choice of action.

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