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Posted by Hammerite This user is an administrator. 2009-01-04 20:40:43 GMT

This board is for reporting bugs and anomalies that you notice while using this website. Small problems or requests for minor tweaks can be posted in this thread. Larger problems (ones that cause significant irritation or impede your use of the site) deserve their own threads. If your problem involves error messages and the like, please quote these messages in full, and in general provide as much detail as possible, in order to help me fix whatever it is that is wrong.

There is a FAQ page, located here, as well as (if you are feeling adventurous) a page detailing how to use the "Instructions" tool [EDIT: This no longer exists].

(I am open to suggestions for things that could be added to these pages.)

If some problem prevents you from

- registering an account,
- validating your account,
- logging in, or
- posting messages

then please post instead in this thread on BoardGameGeek to let me know what is wrong.

Posted by Hammerite This user is an administrator. 2009-01-05 00:05:11 GMT

I need to warn anyone who has joined up before now (midnight GMT): If you chose a Secret Question other than the default when you made your account, the system hasn't remembered what question you chose. I have fixed the page now, but if you wanted to have a way to get your account back if you forget your password, you need to go to the change password page (get there via the "User Details" link at the top of the page) and set the correct question. You need to re-type the secret answer twice as well (sorry) but you don't need to choose a new password, just enter your current password. I am sorry for the trouble!

Posted by Hammerite This user is an administrator. 2009-01-05 00:24:26 GMT

This post is a test to see whether the "number of posts" counter increases for this thread.

Posted by Hammerite This user is an administrator. 2009-01-05 00:31:17 GMT

Testing again, counter should go up this time.

Posted by Bryan Rankin 2009-01-05 19:37:11 GMT

There is a minor error with the page that lists the discussion threads. You have responded to the two threads that I created, but it still lists me as the last poster.


Posted by Bryan Rankin 2009-01-05 19:39:09 GMT

Based on recent responses, it appears to be only your login that is ignored.

Posted by Hammerite This user is an administrator. 2009-01-05 20:19:13 GMT

I attempted to fix that today. I think it is done now. (The fix dosn't apply retroactively to the older threads that were affected, as the information that appeared incorrectly is actually data that gets recorded at the time of making a post.)

Posted by renegade 2009-01-05 21:43:49 GMT

I was about to post the last poster error but looks like you've got it fixed now. Thanks for creating this site. Brass is my new favorite game and I can't seem to get enough of it face-to-face.

Is the drop down list the only mechanism for viewing my cards in hand when it is not my turn? Scanned images of the cards would be a nice touch.

Posted by Hammerite This user is an administrator. 2009-01-06 00:24:48 GMT

Yes, the drop-down list is the only method, at least at the moment.

Posted by qzhdad 2009-01-06 01:02:38 GMT

In Let's Try This, an iron mill was built and immediately sold four coal cubes to the open market.
I think it means iron cubes :)

Posted by snoozefest 2009-01-06 21:06:03 GMT

How do I take a develop action?

Posted by Hammerite This user is an administrator. 2009-01-06 21:56:24 GMT

Choose Develop from the drop-down list of actions. Choose a card, choose the first industry type you want to develop, and choose a source of iron. Then click "Submit Move". The system performs the first development for you. Then, you have to choose the second tile. Once you have been taken back to the board page, scroll down again and there will be only 2 options: what tile to develop and what source of iron. Choose and click "Submit Move" a second time. (If you want to stop developing without doing a second development, that is one of the options in the list of industry types.)

Posted by Sailsa 2009-01-08 18:42:39 GMT

In game #39 FastBrass, one of the players was able to build an illegal rail connection. It is mentioned in the forum within the game and in the game log:

"It should not have let me build between Barrow and Lancaster.
I meant to build the link from Preston to Lancaster"

It also looks like it built the rail connection without taking coal from anywhere. Is there a way to quickly fix this and roll back the game so it can proceed correctly? Thank you.

Posted by Hammerite This user is an administrator. 2009-01-08 21:26:11 GMT

Sailsa, I've fixed the game and put the rail link where it was meant to be. The coal is now adjusted as though it was taken from the demand track. What should have happened in that situation is that he should have taken coal from Blackburn, unfortunately that's hard to fix by editing the database because the coal mine would have flipped.

Posted by qzhdad 2009-01-09 18:10:30 GMT

Hi Hammerite,

COuld you please check the Illegal Build thread? There's still an issue in Fast Brass Again.


BTW, is there a way to send private messages?

Posted by Hammerite This user is an administrator. 2009-01-09 18:18:29 GMT

Sorry, there is no way to send private messages.

Posted by Morganza 2009-01-09 19:04:36 GMT

I'm not quite sure where this suggestion belongs -- but in the FAQ, can you please add a note about developing? Suggested wording:

Q: How do I develop two tiles away? I only see a way to choose one.

A: Develop away one tile. After you submit that you will be given the option to develop away a second one.

Posted by Hammerite This user is an administrator. 2009-01-09 19:51:11 GMT

OK, good idea, I'll add that.

Posted by jbluestein 2009-01-09 20:57:48 GMT

Problem in Game #36 (Unity Games 001):

Yellow built a coal mine that was connected to a built port, and there were two empty spots in the coal demand track. However, the coal didn't get pulled off.

I'm holding off on my move a bit until I see a comment. Note that Purple has already moved and I did one move...took me that long to notice the problem.

Posted by jbluestein 2009-01-09 21:02:24 GMT

Another problem in Game #36, looking back: Purple built a port when he didn't have enough money, and went to -1 cash. At the start of the next turn, his port was sold to make up the shortfall.

I don't think this should be allowed to happen, according to the rules.

Posted by Hammerite This user is an administrator. 2009-01-09 21:34:51 GMT


I've fixed that problem now. Sorry about that.

Posted by qzhdad 2009-01-09 21:40:20 GMT

Another hiccup in Fast Brass Again, I am afraid
The port in Lancaster isn't connected to Burnley. (for purposes of selling Cotton)

Posted by Coyotek4 2009-01-11 17:01:13 GMT

The content of this message has been cleared by the person who posted it.

Posted by phil 2009-01-11 21:11:03 GMT

How do replacement players join a game? I have a replacement for Unity Games 002, but we cannot figure out how to get him to join.

Posted by phil 2009-01-11 21:23:30 GMT

Figured it out -- I just needed to accept the player.

Posted by humeral 2009-01-13 03:03:10 GMT

In game #47 (Walnut), on rail round 6, Purple (stlkt) uses an Iron Works card to build a Tech Level 2 Iron Works on the 2nd industry space in Barrow - In - Furness. I don't think this should have been possible with an iron works card, because yellow owns both the link from Lancaster and the ship space.

Posted by Hammerite This user is an administrator. 2009-01-13 13:58:25 GMT

I am not able to explain why Purple was able to do that. I will investigate the game when I get home. Since that's quite an important move he was able to make illegally, I will also edit the game to return it to the point before Purple did that if the players want. But it will help me if you don't make any moves until I've had a chance to have a look at it.

Posted by Hammerite This user is an administrator. 2009-01-14 21:53:23 GMT

I have found and fixed the problem that allowed Purple to build illegally.

Posted by humeral 2009-03-14 14:01:42 GMT

Hi, I'd like to suggest that the drop down for building your second rail link uses "Stop Building" as the default, instead of the first available link. Or perhaps use a "Pick one of the below:" option so you can throw an error if the user submits the form without changing it.

Thanks again for the site!

Posted by adpalm 2009-10-13 03:16:16 GMT

Since you don't want to wrestle with cookies, and I don't blame you, could you embed user name and password parsing into the main page script, so it handles the original html hit as a login with filled in form fields, and I can just create a hot link on iGoogle that already has my info embedded?

Posted by Hammerite This user is an administrator. 2009-10-13 23:05:14 GMT

I will look into it, but no guarantees.

I don't know anything about iGoogle but if you really want, you could set up a link that submits the login form (with your user name / password) as POST data to and thus only have to click away from the "Well done, you have logged in, you will be redirected in 2 seconds" page when you get here. The security implications of this, if any, are yours to consider!

Posted by adpalm 2009-10-14 00:21:16 GMT

My being web-smart is about 10 years out of date. Can you tell me why typing in the following into the URL bar was insufficient:


Posted by randomuser 2009-10-14 01:00:55 GMT

The content of this message has been cleared by the person who posted it.

Posted by randomuser 2009-10-14 01:03:05 GMT

When you send it like, it's as a GET vs a POST. In PHP you can specify whether to look for POST, GET, or either.

Posted by adpalm 2009-10-14 02:29:51 GMT

I understand the concepts involved, just don't have the specific knowledge to achieve the correct syntax.

That is for which I seek help.

Posted by Hammerite This user is an administrator. 2009-10-14 07:19:20 GMT

It currently looks specifically for POST data rather than GET. (Making it impossible to use the form simply by passing parameters in the URL.) I guess I could make that change pretty easily, I could make it later today. Your current syntax should then work.

Posted by Hammerite This user is an administrator. 2009-10-14 14:57:47 GMT

You should now find that you can use a URL of the form you posted above, namely

to log in. Users with spaces or unusual characters in their user names or passwords may find that this does not work.

Also, if you append &wheretogo=7 on the end, the confirmation page will redirect you to your "my games" page.

Posted by adpalm 2009-10-14 15:20:16 GMT

I don't know if you get tired of hearing it, but you are the man.

Posted by metawidget 2010-12-10 19:36:46 GMT

Sometimes it appears that the site is sending Unicode characters without announcing that it is ? I get Euro symbols and other funny Unicode droppings sometimes, particularly in the blue header box.I'

m using Firefox 4 beta 7 and OS 10.6.5 on an Intel Mac.

Posted by Hammerite This user is an administrator. 2010-12-11 15:53:31 GMT

Yes, I'm sorry about that. The problem is (should be) present only on the game board page and on the game log page. Those pages are both sorely in need of a rewrite (apart from bug-fixes and security-related changes, their code has remained almost unchanged since I created the site, since when I have learnt to do certain things a lot better). I am working on it when I can find the time, but it may still be a while before they are upgraded.

Posted by metawidget 2010-12-11 20:26:51 GMT

It's not an experience-wrecker, just sort of noticeable. It'a slso kind of intermittent ? I imagine that's FF guessing right sometimes but not always...Th

anks for putting it on the to-do list!

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