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Your Secret Question and Secret Answer are used to allow you to regain access to your account if you forget your password. If you don't like this type of feature for whatever reason, then you are perfectly free to enter gibberish into these two fields (must be the same gibberish in each field). Obviously if you do this, though, you lose the right to complain if you do lose your password. Administrators will NOT give you access to accounts to which you have forgotten the password and the Secret Answer. (Note that you also need access to your email address, which you will enter below, for account recovery.)
Please note: if you find that you do not receive the account validation email, it might be because your email provider is marking the email as spam. Check your spam folder and if you find the message there, either mark it as "not spam" or add to your "trusted senders" list (or equivalent).
Please note: not all valid email addresses are supported at this time. However, most users' email addresses are highly likely to be usable. The requirements for an address to be usable are as follows (most users need pay no attention to this): your email address needs to be a series of characters from the following list:
  • the lowercase* ASCII letters (i.e. the lowercase unaccented Latin letters "a" to "z")
  • the digits 0 to 9
  • the ASCII characters @ . ! $ & * - = ^ ` | ~ # % ' + / ? _ { }
In addition, there must be precisely one @ character; the @ character and the "dot" (full stop/period) character may not appear at the very beginning or the very end of the address; and the "dot" character must not appear next to another "dot" character or the @ character. The length of your email address may not be greater than 50 characters.
* If you enter an address containing uppercase letters, they will be converted to lowercase ones.
** Non-ASCII characters will be stripped from the address.
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