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Erroneous log for game #22758

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Posted by Mark Geary 2011-10-12 03:50:45 GMT

In rail round 6 of game #22758, purple built one rail link, then was kicked at TLB and the game was downsized. As of the end of round 6, I see two mostly cosmetic problems with the game log.

1. The next two players took their turns, but the game log reads as if purple continued taking actions for the rest of the round.

2. Yellow does a second "develop away a Tech Level 0 Shipyard" as the second part of his second action, but it is listed as "He then builds the rail link between Blackburn and Preston, taking coal from the Demand Track for ?4." This action actually happened in rail round 1, and is listed there, too.A

s far as I can tell, the current game state (at the end of round 6) is correct in spite of the errors in the log.

Posted by Mark Geary 2011-10-12 13:22:21 GMT

The log continues to be wrong in round 7. The actual turn order is Yellow, Grey, Green. But the log shows Grey, Green, Yellow. Yellow and Grey have taken their actions, and the game state correctly reflects the results of those actions. But the log shows those actions as having been taken by Grey and Green, respectively.

Posted by Mark Geary 2011-10-14 00:45:25 GMT

And the Game log shows Grey with a final score of "NaN". Does the log file generator use real variables for calculating scores?

The Board page is correct.

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