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Game 16231

This thread is open.

Posted by DeMat' 2010-12-05 15:39:37 GMT

With My Rochdale Card, i can't place a cotton mill on Rochdale 1 or 2. There's free coal and Iron, but nothing to do i click on Submit and nothing... just the page "gameaction.php". Any solution ?

Thks. DeMat'

Posted by Auron 2010-12-05 15:53:09 GMT

I'm seeing a similar issue in Game 15976 I was able to do my first action, and the first rail build of my second action. When I try to 'finish my turn' though by building a second rail I get the same blank page.

Posted by Jimd 2010-12-05 16:06:46 GMT

Same thing is happening to me. Blank page when I try to build an iron works in Rochdale.

Posted by lamar 2010-12-05 19:11:15 GMT

Another example in #16139. Trying to use second turn to take loan with Lancaster card.

Posted by dvs426 2010-12-05 20:56:27 GMT

i am unable to complete my second action game 16239 just get the page "gameaction.php"

Posted by renegade 2010-12-05 21:04:52 GMT

Same issue in game 16265. I get a blank screen when trying to build a cotton mill in Lancaster.

Posted by Redessa 2010-12-05 21:14:37 GMT

Same in 16295 building in Colne (either) with a Cotton Mill card as action 2.

Posted by Niccolo 2010-12-05 22:07:51 GMT

Same problem (blank page when I act, action doesn't complete) in games 16271 and 16053.

Posted by Hammerite This user is an administrator. 2010-12-05 22:48:40 GMT

Should be working now, please try again.

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