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Can't wait until you fix the email

This thread is open.

Posted by Daniel Corban 2010-07-10 00:14:40 GMT

My Brass games have slowed to a crawl since the email has been broken. I am used to several turns a day.

Posted by Hammerite This user is an administrator. 2010-07-10 13:47:50 GMT

It's fixed now.

Posted by randomlife This user is a supporter of the site. 2010-09-07 19:04:28 GMT

Are there still problems with emails? I feel like I only get turn notifications sporadically. And I just asked a friend of mine in another game why he hasn't taken his turn in a couple of weeks and he said that he didn't know it was his turn.

I'm just wondering if there's still a problem with email.


Posted by Hammerite This user is an administrator. 2010-09-09 01:20:54 GMT

The deal with email problems is:

This site is run on shared hosting. That means that this site is running on the same server as a few hundred (minimum) other sites. Shared hosting is nice and cheap. It does mean, though, that this site is to some extent affected by the behaviour of the other sites on the same server. For example, if one of those sites uses up a lot of resources (a lot of memory or a lot of CPU time), this site could slow down (hopefully only if the other site was behaving really egregiously).

Another side effect of being on shared hosting is that the IP address (that's like the Internet equivalent of the address of your house) that emails are sent from is shared with every other site on the server. That means that if, say, another site on the same server sends spam, the IP address gets a bad reputation. Many email address providers use IP address blacklists to decide whether to reject incoming emails. Most of the time, the end-user of the email service is not given much, or any, control over this. So because the reputation of the IP address varies, people may find that emails from this site are sometimes not delivered.

I'm not sure what would cause some emails to arrive but not others, but I would imagine for most people, if they don't receive the emails then spam filtering by IP address is likely to be the culprit.

My host does offer the option of a dedicated IP address, but it would slightly more than double the amount the hosting costs, and I'm not planning to go for it at least for the moment.

Posted by randomlife This user is a supporter of the site. 2010-10-22 20:41:48 GMT

This is still happening to me and other people I play with sporadically. We're trying to isolate under what circumstances a notification email is not sent out. One of our speculations is that your system will not send out two notification emails to the same player within a 24 hour period. Is that true, or does the next player's email notification always get generated as soon as the previous player finishes their turn?

Posted by Hammerite This user is an administrator. 2010-10-23 23:56:21 GMT

The emailing behaviour is dependent on the preference settings you choose in your User Details page. You can choose to receive new emails whenever it becomes your turn in a game. But you can also choose to receive a new email only if you haven't already been sent one since the last time you logged in. This in fact is the default behaviour.

If you log in and then while you're browsing the site it becomes your turn in a game, you will probably get an email but also make your move in that game while you're at the site. You will then probably disregard the email. But because you've already been emailed, you won't get emailed again.

The emailing behaviour could be improved, but for the moment something you could do to try and make sure you're always emailed is: go to your User Details page and make sure the "Email me again every time it's my turn in a game..." option is selected. It may result in you receiving an excessive amount of emails, though.

All that said, it might be that emails are just sporadically failing to get through for whatever reason. Trying to get emails to arrive at people's inboxes is an awful nuisance tbh!

Posted by hdp 2011-01-27 02:08:05 GMT

What about providing an RSS feed for a given user's notifications? Convincing people to switch to RSS means fewer emails getting generated and sent, but I don't know what kind of additional server load it would cause.

Posted by AJM 2011-11-30 19:59:36 GMT

Several people in games I'm in are complaining about lack of email; I'll let them know about the email options. We've also resorted to mailing the person who is up next. :-)

I popped up the headers on a notification I got, it all looks correct. It *might* help with email delivery to set up an SPF record for saying that the various servers at are authorized to send mail on its behalf. (And that should be free. ;-) )

According to McAfee is looking shadier over the last few days, but not in the red zone yet.

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