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A Couple of Problems in a Two-Player Game

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Posted by pestaab 2010-03-31 07:44:26 GMT

There appears to be two problems in game number 9740, named "Third Open Game." First, I am trying to access the game log and I am getting a blank box. Second, there appears to have been a problem with the distant market in the game. I am saying appears because without the game log, I cannot be sure. However, I believe my opponent tried to sell to the distant market on the prior turn, which was the first time anybody had done in the game. However, he was only able to sell from one cotton mill which should not be possible given the tile makeup in the game for the distant market. I can understand how the distant market could be unavailable after two tiles are drawn because there are no 0-tiles in the two-player game so a +4 and a +3 tile effectively ends the distant market. Since there is only 1 +4-tile, there is no way that the distant market should not get at least two sales which did not happen in this game.

Posted by Hammerite This user is an administrator. 2010-03-31 16:17:36 GMT

Thanks for letting me know. I found the bug that caused this, and fixed it. I'm afraid I had to delete your game and one other game though. There were about 25 other games besides that I was able to repair, as they hadn't had a Distant Market sale yet.

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