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Etiquette question

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Posted by cferejohn 2010-02-04 23:45:53 GMT

Hi. New to this site. Played Brass several times FtF. I notice that all of the "games looking for players" are password protected. It is considered OK to message the hosts for the games and ask to join or should I just make my own unprotected game?



Posted by randomuser 2010-02-05 00:11:03 GMT

I'm not sure about why other people have private games, but for ours it's because we have a specific set of people who want to play together.

There is probably nothing wrong with asking to join (the worst that would happen is you'd probably get a reply like the one I gave), but you'll probably find it faster and more convenient to just start up a game yourself... There is a very high likelihood your game will start much more quickly than the average response time of an email.

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