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When do inherited games count?

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Posted by renegade 2010-01-11 21:15:34 GMT

The FAQ says that if a game is marked as "Inherited" and the player took over when it was still only Round 1 or Round 2 of the Canal Phase, then the game always counts. If the player took over when it was the Rail Phase, then the game never counts. Otherwise, the player chooses at the time of taking over whether he wants the game to count.

I recently joined two games as a replacement player that were both in Round 7 of the Canal Phase, but I was never asked whether I wanted the game to count. Has this feature been removed since the FAQ was written?

Posted by Hammerite This user is an administrator. 2010-01-12 01:32:13 GMT

There should be a tick box somewhere near the "Join as a Replacement" button. It might be a bit easy to miss, though. It defaults to being unticked (i.e. the game won't count) IIRC.

I am altering the way the replacement players thing works later this week, anyway, so the current situation will change. The game will always not count if you join in the Rail Phase, but you will get a choice as log as it's in the Canal Phase. Also, more than one player will be able to offer to be a replacement, and the game's players will be able to choose the volunteer they want. And quitting of a game will take place immediately, rather than being delayed, and you will be able to offer to replace any player who is missing, even if it's not the turn of that colour to move.

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