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Problem in "Back from holiday" game #5306

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Posted by Pevans 2009-10-04 19:48:57 GMT

I just tried to take my turn in this game and something very strange happened.

I chose my card and "Deliver cotton" as my move. I scrolled up to check that the default locations were what I wanted, scrolled back down and clicked "Submit move". When I returned to the board, I'd built a railway line to Barrow, which is absolutely not something I want to do.

First, what happened?

Second, any way of reversing this?


Posted by Hammerite This user is an administrator. 2009-10-04 23:10:25 GMT

I'm not able to explain the behaviour you describe. I have taken the time to edit your game back to its state before you made your "misinterpreted" move. I have also taken the liberty of starting your "Sell Cotton" action, in order to check whether I would see any unexpected behaviour. (I sold cotton from your Tech 4 mill through your own Port, using the card that you appeared to have tried to use yourself). I didn't experience the same problem you describe. All I can suggest is to continue playing, and to let me know if you experience anything similar again.

I have an improvement in mind to make it slightly less likely that wrong moves will be taken accidentally, I'm not sure when I'll have it in place.

Posted by Pevans 2009-10-05 20:36:02 GMT

Thanks, Hammerite. It's quite bizarre: I was looking at the map, trying to work out why neither cotton mill had flipped and then spotted the ?9 expenditure... Hope it doesn't happen again. Cheers

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