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Don't Hate the Privates

This thread is open.

Posted by randomuser 2009-09-19 20:01:17 GMT

Just a random btw, for some people:

I've noticed a few games with titles grumbling about the private games and the perceived lack of public games.

Private games often take a long time to fill up because they are waiting for specific people.

On the other hand, most of the time, if there is a public game waiting to be started, a random person will usually join that one instead of starting their own.

What that means is you'll rarely see more than 1 public game of 4s, 3s, and 2s waiting to be created at any given time. And as soon as it fills, it disappears.

So don't think there aren't lots of public games going on just because you don't see them on the main page waiting to get started. Start your own if you want, and don't be surprised if it fills fairly quickly (unless you create it in the dead of night).

I know that when I first started I did not realize this, myself. So I figure there might be other people new to the site and they haven't realized that either. If that's the case, then I hope this post will lessen some of the misplaced irritation. (Apologies if this has been posted before, there are a lot of threads!)

Posted by Talltim 2009-09-21 15:38:40 GMT

Absolutely agree.

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