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Debt mode?

This thread is open.

Posted by dvd 2009-09-09 16:11:31 GMT

In game 4803, the "debt mode" appeared: it was my turn to play and I could not do anything, and it is now Purple's turn, while he had to play 4th... Can anything be done to recover the normal "scenario"?


Posted by Hammerite This user is an administrator. 2009-09-09 17:23:52 GMT

That behaviour is intentional. If a player has negative funds after paying interest on his loans when the round starts, he has to sell industry tiles until he pays the debt off, as per page 3 of the first edition Brass rulebook. As it happens, you were last to play in the prior round and first to play in the affected round; so you would have had an uninterrupted 4 actions, BUT debt servicing has to happen at the start of each round.

Posted by jazzdream 2010-01-11 13:25:43 GMT

It happened just to me too... Quite surprising when you intentionally take two (!) loans to start the next round. I think this thread should be made into a sticky. If it hadn't been in the first page, I would have opened a new thread to ask the same question!


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