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Debt Mode Bug in #4711

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Posted by adpalm 2009-09-05 17:58:19 GMT

The last twelve bugs I believe I had identified led me to re-read the rules again and again. Very good implementation. However, we did actually get one.

Three players, at the end of turn 9 in Rail, purple spent the least, (as he had taken no moves), and went ?2 into debt. The game log says that in the end-of-turn summary. Then the next entry is "Automatic: Purple has no moves, and discards two cards".

After this it sent Green in to debt mode even though Green had ?60+ and income. Green was forced to sell an industry. Then the game reverted to Purple's turn, who had no cards and no way of advancing the game.

Game was aborted.

My guess is there is a sequencing error occuring between the Automatic turn abdication routine and the debt routine, and I'm sure they rarely coincide because it requires collosal mismanagement to be in debt the final turn.

Thanks for looking into it.

Posted by Hammerite This user is an administrator. 2009-09-05 23:19:02 GMT

Thanks for letting me know about the bug. I'm sorry it derailed your game. The bug is fixed now.

Your analysis is essentially correct, but the simplest fix was just to add a line that checks whether it's debt mode to the function that determines whether player has a move. Should have been there all along.

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