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Only got one action when developing

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Posted by serpico 2009-08-09 12:31:30 GMT

Helo, this was my first game on this site, so I might not have done things right, but anyway..

My plan was to use both my actions to develop 4 tiles in total. However, after I had chosen the 1st and 2nd tile to develop it wasn't my turn anymore, so I couldn't develop the 3rd & 4th tile. My 2nd card was discarded though as if I had used my 2nd action. I thought you get to develop 2 tiles per action, am I wrong?

Btw this was my 1st turn and I developed shipyard (mistook it for port).

It's probably just something I've misunderstood, so please enlight me on what I did wrong ;)

Posted by drabel 2009-08-09 15:22:18 GMT

You only have one action the very first turn of the game. As for Port vs Shipyard, all I can say is: Double check all your selections before submitting your order, there's no confirmation screen. Good luck with the rest of the game

Posted by serpico 2009-08-10 17:11:05 GMT

Thanks, ye I noticed that shortly afterwards.

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