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Possible overbuilding bug in Game 3911

This thread is closed.

Posted by Kavu 2009-08-01 18:14:05 GMT


I'm playing in game 3911; we're towards the end of the rail phase and i'm trying to overbuild one of my ports - replacing a flipped tech 2 with a tech 3. I've a flipped 2 in ellesmere and also in liverpool. but when i try to overbuild either of them the game indicates that I can't because i haven't built in or linked to that location. both of which i've done...

any thoughts?
thank you

Posted by Hammerite This user is an administrator. 2009-08-02 03:58:10 GMT

Just to notify you that I used your game to check that I'd fixed the problem. Therefore your port is built (I built it in Liverpool.)

Posted by Kavu 2009-08-02 16:05:13 GMT

Thank you :)

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