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Game Log Suggestion

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Posted by firedfly 2009-07-31 22:52:41 GMT


I love the new game log, but have a suggestion. Can you update the turn coloring so a player keeps the same color in the log. I will frequently look at the log to see what the last few moves were for a player in the game. It gets a bit confusing since I instinctively want to look at the background color for the turns to determine who made each move.

My description above seems a bit confusing, so let me give an example. I go first in a game and my turn has a blue background in the log. I would like my turns to always have the blue background throughout the log. Let's say the second player gets the yellowish background. Their turns should always be yellowish.

This would make it much easier to scan the log looking for the turn history for specific players.

Thanks for the site and keep up the good work!


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