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level 2+ industries should count twice tower projected score in the canal era

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Posted by humeral 2009-07-24 12:38:53 GMT

Hi, Philip. I'd like to suggest that level 2 or greater industries be counted twice toward projected score during the canal era.

Thanks again for the site!

Posted by Hammerite This user is an administrator. 2009-07-25 17:15:05 GMT

I had to do a bit of thinking before I added the option to show projected scores for the Canal Phase. That's because I wasn't sure what precisely the projection should take into account and what it shouldn't. Should it include Tech 2+ industry tiles twice as you suggest? Should it include points for your current money (surely not)? In the end I decided it should reflect how many points you will get in the Canal Phase scoring, no more, no less. For what if somebody builds over your Coal Mine or Iron Works before it scores for a second time? There's the whole Rail Phase to get through, and that's hardly very predictable. I might implement your suggestion as a preference setting in future though, when I have time.

Posted by renegade 2009-07-28 22:58:46 GMT

FWIW, I agree with your decision, Hammerite.

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