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Game Log Error?

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Posted by BullCityFats 2009-07-21 08:32:05 GMT

In Game 3473, Spinning Jenny, pitris and I (BullCityFats) both finished with 118 points and both finished on income space 44. The game log, after going through the scoring, offers congratulations to pitris, but in my finished games it says I finished first, and in pitris's finished games it says he finished second. I don't know offhand what the second tiebreaker is (my copy of the game is in my car), so I can't say which is in error.

Posted by Hammerite This user is an administrator. 2009-07-21 14:17:35 GMT

The second tiebreaker is remaining money. You had ?54 left and pitris had ?5 left, so it was the log that was in error. I have fixed it. It gets it right now and displays the results as intended.

Posted by BullCityFats 2009-07-21 15:16:37 GMT

Hmmm. Except I had traded in 50 of my money for 5 VP, so actually should have had only 4 left, correct?

Posted by Hammerite This user is an administrator. 2009-07-21 15:24:54 GMT

No, I don't think so. The first edition Brass rulebook says (page 5) "If it is the end of the Rail Period then players also score 1VP for every ?10 cash they hold". It says they have to be "holding" the cash to receive the points; it doesn't say they lose it in the process.

Posted by BullCityFats 2009-07-21 16:13:16 GMT

Okay, I'll take it.

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