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Demand Market and Game Log Issue

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Posted by pestaab 2009-07-04 14:18:12 GMT

I had a strange occurance with the game log and the cotton demand market in game #3444, "Two #1." In round 6, DeMat' sold cotton twice via the demand market. When I looked at the game log after his turn, it said that the first tile drawn was a -1 leaving the marker on the second +3 space. The second tile drawn was the -4 tile leaving the marker on the second +1 space. The tiles remaining were also stated to be 4 -2 tiles and 2 -3 tiles in this two-player game.

On my round 6, I decided to risk it and sell via the demand market. After my sale I checked the log again. It now said that the first sale by DeMat' had a -2 tile draw leaving the marker on the first +2 space. The second tile draw was the -1 tile leaving the marker on the 2nd +2 space. Then my tile draw was the -4 tile leaving the marker on the second +0 space. This is the way that the game log reads if you check it now.

The situation does not effect the game because my sale occurred with the correct resulting income. Also, the extra income to DeMat' from selling to the demand marks works out to be the same amount either way. However, this was a lucky set of circumstances and also if the demand market is what was incorrect, that could influence decisions about selling. However, my guess is that the game log is storing tile draw order incorrectly after my pull. You may want to check on that if you can since the game has progressed to round 9. Thanks.


Posted by Hammerite This user is an administrator. 2009-07-04 15:06:21 GMT

You are correct. The game log decoder was going through the list of drawn tiles in reverse order. The real order in your game was -4, -1, -2. Hence DeMat' drew -4 first and then -1, but when you looked at the log it appeared that he had drawn -1 and then -4 (because only the -4 and -1 had been revealed, and the log decoder was reading them in the wrong order). Then when you sold, it appeared that DeMat' drew -2 then -1 and you got the -4. Thanks for letting me know about this problem; I have fixed it and the game log for your game should now display correctly. The actual state of the game was not affected.

Posted by pestaab 2009-07-04 23:06:50 GMT

Thanks for your attention to this and thanks for all the work you do to maintain this site.

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