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Bug in game - 2740

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Posted by Talltim 2009-06-18 01:28:58 GMT

I don't speak Spanish, but it looks like WaterZero had a problem building a railroad in AlibiBrass (2740).

Posted by Hammerite This user is an administrator. 2009-06-18 13:25:36 GMT

It looks as though Red had ?17 funds with which to build rails on the turn in question, and there was only one cube available from the Demand Track at a price of ?1 (the rest being ?2+). In this case, building two rails using only coal from the Demand Track would cost ?18 (?15 + ?1 + ?2). After building the first rail link, Red had ?11 left and building another link for the same action would have cost ?12, so he wasn't able to do that.

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