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Posting clickable links to games

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Posted by Hammerite This user is an administrator. 2009-06-17 11:35:36 GMT

You can now include in your message board posts clickable links to games.

The syntax is \gamelink{number}{text}.

For example, \gamelink{2000}{whee! look at this!} produces whee! look at this!

You do not have to enter text in the second set of braces. If you do not, suitable (though dull) placeholder text is used. For example, \gamelink{3060}{} produces Game number 3060

If the text in the first set of braces is missing or not a number, or it is not a number that corresponds to a game at the time you post then you will probably see ??? instead of a link. For example, \gamelink{charlie}{suzanne} produces ???

The above applies also to numbers that may in the future correspond to games, but currently do not. For example, on the day I write this, \gamelink{5000}{bleep blorp} produces ???. It is set in stone when I post it; it will not change to a hyperlink should a game #5000 come into existence in the future.

If there are images of any kind, including images of industry tiles, inside the text in the second set of braces, then they will be removed. That is, this feature does not allow you to use images as hyperlinks. For example, \gamelink{2902}{I love \tilepic{2 coal red} my trains!} produces I love my trains!

Do not put a \gamelink{}{} command inside the argument of a \tilepic{} command. This will cause the \tilepic{} command's argument to end prematurely (as the first } encountered will be read as being that of the \tilepic{}), and your post will not appear as you expected it to. (Of course, there is no sensible reason why you would want to put a \gamelink{}{} command inside the argument of a \tilepic{} command in the first place.)

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