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Posted by VillageIdiot 2009-06-15 11:36:30 GMT

Game: Brass Canal Historique
Me: VillageIdiot
It's now finished, but on my last go, I was the last to go.
The score board showed I the two opponents (the third had been kicked), both over 10 points behind me.
I sold cotton to my port for my last move and only won by two points. One of my opponents gained over 10 points from somewhere.
Does this have something to do with a player being kicked?

Posted by Hammerite This user is an administrator. 2009-06-15 15:52:26 GMT

Thanks for letting me know about this. This problem occurred because the board page code for projecting how many points a player will receive was defective. Specifically, it did not award a point for the owner of a rail or canal link into a location with a flipped orphan tile. The code that calculates the actual points at the end of the game was and remains correct, hence the discrepancy. This has now been fixed; the board page should predict points accurately now.

In the case of your game, you got most of your Rail Phase points from industry tiles, whereas your main opponent got most of his Rail Phase points from rail links. Your opponent's projected scores were therefore affected by this bug much more than yours were, which is why you noticed the apparent gap between you closing dramatically.

Posted by VillageIdiot 2009-06-16 07:35:26 GMT

Cheers Hammerite.
Your time for our gain is as always immensely appreciated.

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